GUARD STRONG is a group of strength athletes based out of Northern Michigan. We use feats of strength to gain the attention of our audience and convey a message of hope and a message a message that teaches students how to overcome everyday challenges. Our goal is to equip students with the tools they need to make right choices, walk in integrity, and to guard their hearts and minds from negativity.


Viking has been a fitness center owner for the last 10 years and is a personal trainer. He enjoys working out, video games (mostly on the Xbox), listening to music, and spending time with his family. He enjoys playing baseball or softball and even tried out for the Atlanta Braves as a center fielder! His favorite feats of strength are bending horseshoes and blowing up hot water bottles. His favorite foods are tacos and pizza. He dislikes bullying and rude behavior.


Wolverine has been training in martial arts for 20 plus years and is a 3rd degree black belt. His favorite feats of strength are bending steel bars with his throat and punching and kicking stacks of bricks. He likes extreme obstacle runs, riding his motorcycle, and family time. He dislikes when martial art skills are used to bully others.

Bulldog is a former bodyguard, semi-pro football player, and strongman champion! He is currently playing rugby for the Detroit Rugby Club, He has been involved with feats of strength ministry for over 15 years! His heartbeat is impacting and helping our Military kids all over the country! His favorite feat of strength is breaking baseball bats! He loves watching LSU and New Orleans Saints football. His favorite food is gumbo and he has to have his coffee in the morning!

Arsenal is the owner and senior instructor at Realm Martial Arts, and has over 35 years experience in the martial arts. He’s a 5th degree in Conceptu Bellicus (concept combatives). Arsenal is a close quarters defensive tactics and small arms marksmanship instructor as an Officer with the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps. His favorite feat is breaking bricks.


Cobra has been passionate about strength training and fitness for the past several years. Since 2010 he has lost over 200 pounds! He’s always had a love for all sports, but basketball is his favorite, and he also enjoys crossfit. Cobra never turns down pizza or ice cream, “they go hand in hand”. One of his favorite feats is breaking bricks – to him they symbolize breaking down barriers and walls.


Nirto is a construction foreman, father of 7, and was raised on a dairy farm. He likes being outside, and to play sports like volleyball, basketball, working out and arm wrestling. He likes roast beef, breakfast foods, and tiramisu. He also enjoys movies and time with his wife and games with his kids.


Joe passionately pursues advocating on behalf of the many lives affected by the epidemic of bullying. Whether the bully or the bullied, Joe is able to use his experiences and feats of strength to challenge listeners and to reach them on a personal level. He has been speaking for over 20 years! For 15 of those years, he worked with at-risk youth in both Tennessee and Virginia. He has dedicated his life to continued education for himself, youth, educators, and parents, seeking to bring light into the darkness of bullying. Being a victim himself as a youth, knowing the sinking pit of emotional and physical pain, has well suited Joe for the task set before him. Joe likes Mexican food and sushi (just not together). His favorite feats are breaking bats and plowing his arms through bricks. One of his favorite quotes is “The one thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision” by Helen Keller


The Experience

  • crowd participation
  • humor
  • relatable content
  • motivating and encouraging message
  • post assembly interaction

Feats of Strength

  • gain and maintain the students’ attention
  • relate valuable truths in easy to follow visuals
  • guarantee the messages will be remembered for years to come

Topics Covered

  • bullying
  • coping with anger
  • drugs and alcohol
  • being a leader of integrity
  • knowing your value and worth
  • others as requested

Our goal is to impact as many lives as possible with our unique platform and our message of hope. In these trying times, we see the difficulties youth face. Whether bullying, peer pressure, or everyday decisions, our goal is to encourage students to not give up! In our programs we challenge them to treat others with compassion, to take a stance against bullying, to lead by example, to reach out to others who are struggling and to live a life as a leader of integrity!


Thank you so much for presenting the gospel in such an extraordinary way to the people of Cadillac. You guys are a blessing.

Pastor Will Markham, Revival Center

Thank you for blessing our Clare FCA sports camp this year. You had the kids enthralled with your feats of strength and love for Jesus.

Clare Assembly of God, Clare Assembly of God

Pastor Will Markham
Revival Center Church, Cadillac, Michigan

Pastor Robert Wendt
Fellowship Chapel, Sterling Heights, Michigan

Principal Heidi Hayes
Pine River Elementary, Leroy, Michigan


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